'Terriers' season (series?) finale: What did you think of the ending?

Terriers wrapped up its first season on Wednesday night with a highly satisfying episode and an open-ended conclusion that did not feel like a cheat or a tease. While I’ve made clear my reservations about the series in a previous post, I thought the last three episodes of Terriers were excellent, and am solidly in the please-FX-renew-it camp.

What I appreciated most about the finale was that it really did wrap up the key plot. The secret plan to pave over Ocean Beach to build an airport was exposed, thanks in large part to Donal Logue’s Hank. This was Terriers plotting at its best, taking bits from movies ranging from Chinatown to Night Moves, as well as the California detective novels of Ross Macdonald,  and making these influences work as the show’s own. Which is to say, Terriers achieved a nicely sardonic tone that knew the distinction between honest skepticism about the challenges life throws at you, and cheap cynicism. In this sense, you could say Terriers is one of the grungiest feel-good shows on TV, a very solid accomplishment.

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