Terriers: "Hail Mary" Review

Leave it to a show as great as FX's Terriers to introduce the main villain of the piece, oh so briefly, in the season finale and have it still feel like the perfect puzzle piece. Michael Gaston's Ben Zeitlin had served as the remarkably poised and smarm-tastic baddie of the piece thus far, and to meet Zeitlin's boss, who we never knew existed, and have it mark the end of the entire Sand Diego Airport plot was a risky move. But the writing was so incredible and Neal McDonough's Tom Ketchaw was able to convey so much in the little screen-time he had that it all just came off without a hitch. Tying Ketchaw back directly to Mickey Gosney's death and making the land-grab scheme almost an unintentional discovery was the cherry on top that actually wound up connecting everything together. Just a brilliantly-crafted mystery all around. "I work very hard to be a decent man, but sometimes something inside me works a little harder," Ketchaw said creepily; saying so little and yet saying so much. And no, we didn't need to see that photo in order to imagine the absolute worst. 

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