'Blue Mountain State' 2.07 'Debra' Review

Blue Mountain State 2.07

Is Alex still high from his marijuana-fueled escapades last week? That would seem a good defense when he finds out (after the fact, of course) that his latest bedmate is his coach's ex-wife, now the dean's wife. You can't really go much more wrong than that, unless you manage to burn the university down, and even then I think it would be a close call.

Watching the first part of this episode is like watching an impending accident; you know something horrible is going to happen, but you also know that you can't do anything except cringe. I've taken to thinking of the guys of Blue Mountain State as the classmates I never had in college, so I spent the entire first part of the episode yelling at my TV, as if that would somehow be a persuasive argument for common sense. When Debra (Denise Richards, still in fine form) returns, she shows up at a Goathouse party apparently just to sleep with Alex, who has no idea that she's Coach Daniels' ex-wife until Thad breaks the bad news the morning after.

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