THE AMAZING RACE “I’m Surrounded by Ninjas” Recap

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 11 - I'm Surrounded By Ninjas

Fun with editing: Last leg’s winners Nat and Kat hit the clue box at Statue Square at 4:37pm and find out they must fly to Seoul, South Korea and drive themselves to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) near the North Korean Border. There they must find a clue box on the Seungil Bridge. Jill and Thomas are next to go at 4:47pm and Brook and Claire leave at 5:26pm. Brook and Claire go to a hotel to get help buying plane tickets while Nat and Kat and Jill and Thomas head straight for the airport. All three teams end up booking a 12:25am flight.

Because producers want there to be some drama, we are not told what time Nick and Vicki leave, and the editing makes it look like the first three teams are just boarding the plane while Nick and Vicki get to a ticketing agent, but math tells me that’s actually not possible given they were about three hours behind the other teams before adding on the six hour penalty they incurred because Nick needed a nap. The agent tells them the 12:25am flight has already left and they must take a 9:30am flight instead, and I’m glad. It doesn’t make for the most nail-biting race for the final three, but no team that was that far behind–especially when it is so much the fault of one of the racers–should be able to catch up due to bunching.

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