American Idol Season 9 Episode 11, "Hollywood Round, Part 3"

Tonight we got to see some of the individuals chosen for the final 24. This is the episode where the remaining contestants are put into seperate rooms, 2 of the 3 rooms are making it through and the one is going home. The judges make it hard for the individuals by taking time to let them know if they have made it through or not. Must be just mind blowing for the contestants, and for those individuals rejected tonight, you could see the sorrow that was brought on to many of them. To some this is it.

We also got to see the one on one rejections and announcements to those individuals that made it into the top 24 and I can say I am impressed with who is on this years roster. The Rocker Mom that had an edge, was in the rejection room. Tomorrow night we will see the remaining top 24 announced.

Simon is right that there are a lot of strong girl singers but my favorite still has to be the dad with glasses. Its an emotional episode for some, yet Ellen is great on this show. She has over exceeded my expectations on her judging on American Idol. This season is going to be record breaking!


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