CSI: MIAMI “Happy Birthday” Review

CSI: Miami Season 9 Episode 8 - Happy Birthday

After the Thanksgiving hiatus, CSI: MIAMI was back tonight with "Happy Birthday". Overall, the episode was great – it played more into the drama of the story line than actual detective work, though.

Not saying that the crime scene wasn’t analyzed or evidence wasn’t picked up, but the over all story this week in my opinion, was about the characters. "Happy Birthday" began and looked like it was going to be like every other episode of CSI. Horatio finds a victim, calls in the team, and the investigation begins.

I enjoyed the way the writers used the "one hour earlier" to introduce us to the victim since the first time we see Heather Chapman, she’s already unconscious. Since I like to play detective while I watch CSI, I thought I had the case solved from 10 minutes in.

I was convinced that Heather’s stepson Josh had been hired by her friend Marcy to kill Heather and her unborn daughter. Sometimes being wrong is good, as the writer’s rendition of the story was much better than mine.

Turns out the "hormonal friend" (so called by Natalia) and crazy jealous stepson really had nothing to do with it. Instead, the car jacking/hit and run (I’m still a little unclear as to what exactly was supposed to happen) was planned by Heather’s perfect husband. He was not ready to share Heather with a baby, and decided that instead of talking about this like a rational adult, he’d plan to kill the child.

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