DEXTER “Hop a Freighter” Review

Dexter Season 5 Episode 11 - Hop a Freighter

Now that Dexter and Lumen have formed an even closer partnership, will they be able to execute their plans to bring down the final member of the group of men that kidnapped and tortured Lumen and all of those other women? With Debra merely steps behind them and running with a theory that is almost identical to the truth, how will Dexter and Lumen execute their plan to execute Jordan Chase without exposing both of them in the process?

This season just keeps getting better and better. I had thought the addition of Lumen would bring new life into the show and I think I was correct. Of all of the partners Dexter has had, Lumen is now my favorite. It is probably because she is the most damaged. It does leave me to wonder though, if Dexter and Lumen are successful in taking out Jordan Chase, will Lumen’s common sense and moral radar awaken to realize what she has done, assisted with and condoned? Will she look at Dexter as a reminder of the other monsters and want to get rid of him too? Or will she want to remain in his life where she has felt safe since she was found? It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

In the meantime, Dexter and Lumen are wrestling with how to get to Jordan Chase, a/k/a Eugene Grier, who is always surrounded by security men. Little do they know, Jordan Chase has decided he wants to find them. Apparently he took the theft of the blood from the vial a bit personally. Jonny Lee Miller can play one creepy scary dude. Is anyone else fascinated by the "bond" he claims to have with Emily Birch? Is it just because he was her first and started him on this path of gratification and success? More importantly, why does she listen to him? Is it just fear or something more?

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Aug 19, 2012 8:43AM EDT

It's the stock Holmes syndrome , Lumen is not going to last long , Quin relationship with Debra won't last either The Morgan family can not have normal relationships because who raised them.

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