MERLIN “The Coming Of Arthur Part 2'' Review

Merlin Season 3 Episode 13 - The Coming Of Arthur - Part 2

Morgana is evil, and everyone knows it. She is executing civilians to entice the knights’ allegience and taunting Uther, who is locked up in prison and she’s plotting Gwen’s death-until Morgause stops her and has her use Gwen to find Arthur.

The beginning and end of this episode were pretty awesome, but the middle was somewhat wanting.

When Merlin accidentally breaks the vial which the Fisher King gave him, Freya appears to tell him to go to the lake Avalon in order to save Albion. Merlin uses the dragon as a taxi service. Bad CGI aside, Merlin conveniently finds a random boat in a random bush and heads on down the river, as you do. Of course the finding of Excalibur was brilliant, but to have anyone who was killed by Excalibuer disintegrate into ashes is something that probably looked better on paper than on screen.

It’s a pity that the writers have decided to make Morgana so purely evil, without any redemptive qualities whatsoever. It’s probably the biggest problem I have with the show. Morgause is already pure evil. I think it would be more interesting if Morgana were trying to do good in believing she would make a better ruler than Uther (let’s face it, the thought isn’t so farfetched) and perhaps bitter that she was cast aside as Uther’s heir, even as Uther’s child, in favor of Arthur. To have Morgause constantly pushing her towards the dark side would be a much more interesting dynamic than "let’s conquer the world and make everyone obey us by any means necessary." "Yes sister, let’s."

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