CSI:NY “Shop Till You Drop” Review

CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 10 - Shop Till You Drop

When a department store manager is found dead in a shop window, Mac and his team are on the path the find his killer. Some episode of CSI: NY are bad in a boring way, some are fine in a "my DVD player is broken and my remote control is out of reach" way. Then you get some episodes like this.

I liked the start, don’t get me wrong. The department store manager dead in a window is an interesting touch (even if the execution with the big build up was totally predictable), but once the episode, you know, got going, I was sort of jealous of him.

Of course Mac witnesses a a series of muggings which are conveniently linked directly to the case. The sassy pretty boy mugger stole the camera which contained evidence for motive (haven’t they already used this deus ex machina in EVERY OTHER EPISODE?). Alena, the assistant manager who is dying of leukemia, has been stealing money form the company, not for herself of course not, where is the Christmas cheer in that. She’s stealing money for the other employees. Every scene between her and Jo made me want to puke tinsel.

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