SMALLVILLE “Luthor” Review

Smallville Season 10 Episode 10 - Luthor

The episode’s title alone promised something spectacular and thankfully, Smallville delivered as they go into an alternative-universe, one where Clark was found not by the Kents but by Lionel Luthor, and he became the evil Clark Luthor, a super villain extraordinaire. Where might Luthor be? Well, he’s dead. Yes, evil Clark killed him.

Clark unwittingly found out about the existence of Alexander, and before Tess can prevent him, he finds a book inscribed "Dearest Tess, thanks for the read, Alexander." Oops. This development was well handled, since I was afraid it would become a drawn out revelation, which are almost always frustrating (see: Lois figures out Clark is the Blur, seasons 4 through 10).

Once in the alternative universe, we are treated to a fantastic return from John Glover as Lionel Luthor. The fight between Lionel Luthor and Clark Luthor was wonderfully tense amd a great way for the parallel universe to be introduced.

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