MISFITS Series 2 Episode 4 Review

Misfits Season 2 Episode 4 - Episode 4

The transition at the very beginning of the episode, from Simon and Alisha seductively getting it on to a shot filled with ugly toes was a brilliant way to introduce the new guy Ollie.

The promos set Ollie up as a sort of ‘hero of the week’. The promos were genius. Ollie dies, bullet to the brain, within minutes of introducing himself. The villain of the week was a man literally living in a video game. Remember when anal parental committees set about trying to ban games like Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto? Let’s all thank bloody chainsaws that this episode was not about at that time.

This episode was a perfect example of why Misfits works so well and why it’s probably one of the best television shows airing right now.

It takes conventional cliche and genre devices and flips them on their head. For example, Nikki, the sublime addition to the team and a worthy love interest for Curtis. She could have been introduced as the cool girlfriend, an obstacle between the pseudo-real love of Curtis and Alisha. Sometimes, in order to wedge a character into the show, the character will become more awesome than anyone else on the show. This trap leaves the character open to a major downfall when their introduction is complete and the story has to get on. With Nikki, she’s not some invulnerable ass-kicking girlfriend.

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