BURN NOTICE “Brotherly Love” Review

Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 15 - Brotherly Love

Bringing back Michael Westen’s younger brother Nate (perhaps) one more time, "Brotherly Love," was a tie-up loose ends kind of episode for BURN NOTICE, but also moved along the current story arc as well.

Though the episode title refers to the brothers Westen, it’s all about the two auto shop brothers they help. Add a typical Miami villain in the form of a high-strung Latino drug lord and his psychotic and as we learn, also treacherous right hand man and the story unfolded pretty well. It seems odd there was little mention of Nate’s wife until mom Maddy spilled the beans to Michael that they were expecting a child. So, this played out as one last caper for Mike and Nate, reviving both their love for each and the friction at times between them.

Seth Peterson slipped right back into his character, the scenes with Jeffrey Donovan never missing a beat. Other cool touches included Michael reviving his cocky "Johnny" persona in black, the car hot wiring and other spy tips, plus the usual ample amount of pyrotechnics while the cat-and-mouse game played out searching for the stolen vintage muscle car with drugs inside. Again, several non-action, yet quite intense scenes between Maddy and Michael were powerful, leaving one to wonder if she’s teetering on the edge of enough, though some "I’m going to be a grandma" sparkle also twinkled in her eyes when she finally talked about Nate and wife Ruth’s baby on the way.

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