PRIVATE PRACTICE “Just Lose It” Review

Private Practice Season 4 Episode 10 - Just Lose It

Watching this episode made me think of how hard it must be to be in Addison’s shoes. Here she is, a woman who really wants a child of her own and practically all she does is deliver other people’s babies. When a young woman is brought to her that Pete and Violet have written off, of course Addison sides with her and refuses to tie her tubes. I totally thought Pete and Violet were being ridiculous by suggesting that Addison sterilize Emily after Pete paid her money to do it. When Emily demanded more money and didn’t even bother to pick up her child before counting her cash, I couldn’t believe it.

Then there was the continuation of Charlotte’s story, except this time it was focused more on Coop. So far they’ve spent (as they should) a lot of time on what the rape did to Charlotte, but it was nice to also see what it could do to someone who loves the victim. Coop was an explosion waiting to go off and it was only a matter of time before it happened. I do like that after he tried to use his fists to cope (and attempted to use sex) he finally ended up talking to Sheldon about it.

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