30 ROCK “A Chain Of Mental Anguish” Review

30 Rock Season 5 Episode 9 - Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish

Last night’s episode was probably the best I’ve seen of the fifth season of 30 Rock. The show went on an absolute looper as Tracy’s son Donald, who is two years his senior, shows up to borrow money from Tracy. He has good intentions: starting up a restaurant. Unfortunately his intentions suck. He organizes a Japanese monster fight at the brand new restaurant called Staples (tables are not required at this restaurant) and when Jack rips his plans down, he goes on to bigger, better and bolder things, including a microwave yogurt company called "Micro-soft" or an air hotline called "American Airlines." I have to say, Jack’s protein and amino acids speech was the best laugh out loud moment of the episode. And I literally laughed out loud.

Meanwhile Jenna’s relationship with Paul, her drag queen look a like, is deteriorating. Not only does he want to take her to the "soo-borbs" (Liz: "suburbs") to meet his parents, but he refuses, sadly, to make a sex tape with her (he’s just not the gentleman Jenna thought he was). One again Jane Krakowski nails the totally over the top, wacko, hyper sexualized comedy to a tea.

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