THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The Sacrifice” Review

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10 - The Sacrifice

This show is my guilty pleasure. I know I probably shouldn’t like it and I refused to admit that I liked it for the whole of the first season. It’s all skinny girls and pretty boys and lust-filled encounters with hot evilness. But damn is it good.

This week was a four-fold festival of bad ideas. When the brothers Salvatore find out that the moon stone spell can be quashed completely, they set out to get their hands on it. This leads them to try de-spelling the vampire tomb, Witchy B to ‘channel’ WarLuca’s power, Jeremy to go into the tomb to try and get the moonstone without having to de-spell the tomb, and Elena to try and hand herself over to Klaus to save them all.

I gotta say that out of all of them, Jeremy clearly did the best. Sure, he ended up as Katherine’s chewtoy (which is all kinds of awkward given that she looks like his sister), but as far as end results of bad plans go, he gets the full ten points. Stefan, not so much. His noble intentions have him trapped in a tomb with no clear means of escape. (Does anyone else have an irrational urge to sing No Doubt’s ‘Trapped In a Box’? No? Just me then.)

I would just like to propose an alternate plan here: send Jeremy in, incapacitate Katherine with the ashes and then stake her properly. I love the character, but surely it would have made more sense for them to just take her out and get the moonstone than to…well, have this result.

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