THE OFFICE “China” Review

The Office Season 7 Episode 10 - China

After a week break, THE OFFICE was back yesterday and I thought it was a decent episode! I found myself laughing more at "China" than I have for most of the episodes of this season. I think that parts of The Office felt like earlier seasons (which we can all agree were awesome).

I still maintain that the reason it was funny was because the crew was actually IN the office. Dwight has always been a favorite character of mine, and his story line this week was so purely Dwight-like, it was perfect.

From the cut backs on electricity, to the toilet paper, the thermostat – it was a move that I realized I’d been waiting for since the first episode of the season when we discovered that Dwight was now the owner of the building.

I REALLY like the way the writers are playing on Dwight and Pam’s relationship. During "Screening Party" we had the exchange between the pair over CeCe, and this week when he arranged for Pam to feel like she hadn’t failed at Office Administrator; I’m interested to see if this "friendship" keeps going.

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