NIKITA “Dark Matter” Review

Nikita Season 1 Episode 10 - Dark Matter

I was afraid I had jinxed NIKITA by opining that the show is getting better and better. Luckily the Fates never listen to me, and we have another excellent episode this week in "Dark Matter". Owen leaks Division secrets to the press about a government sanctioned murder of a foreign political figure in Chile. This results in the desired effect of drawing out the engineer who created the encryption and update drives for the black boxes. Percy frames Ryan, a CIA agent, for the murder. Nikita and Owen are captured, trying to rescue Ryan. At Division, Alex spies on the engineer and Birkhoff, and watches Percy kill the engineer.

This episode shows a softer, more emotional side of Nikita. Owen brings out the feelings of anger, regret, and camaraderie from her. And the episode is set up to depict a small personal journey for Nikita. The full circle that Nikita undergoes is nicely book-ended with the swimming pool scenes at the beginning and end. She starts out alone, depressed, and on the defensive; she ends with an ally, a renewed purpose, and one less black box to find and destroy. I can’t wait for Owen to return again on another episode! Together he and Nikita seem more human, not just rogue agents. They’re both dealing with internal conflicts and the contradictions of their lives and emotions. And more basically, Owen gives Nikita someone to talk with (besides herself) while on a mission.

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