COMMUNITY “Mixology Certification” Review

Community Season 2 Episode 10 - Mixology Certification

It’s a different kind of bottle episode when Troy turns 21 and the gang hits a bar with surprising results in the "Mixology Certification" episode of COMMUNITY.

Happy Expulsion from a Uterus Day, Troy. Jeff’s right, you’re a man now, and apparently the new dad of the group. The best part is that as terrific a Troy-centric episode as this is, there’s plenty of character development to go around. There’s also a terrific tonal shift that takes us from normal Community hilarity to wistful and meaningful (while still slipping in some funny). Kind of like an old-school "very special episode" without the schmaltz. "Alcohol makes people sad. It’s like the Lifetime movies of beverages." Now that’s how you teach a lesson.

Oh, Troy: "Everyone is ten for two years because fifth grade is hard for ev-Mom!" His reaction is perfect and to follow it up with, "I want to bathe in manhood"–too funny. Troy’s gradually growing realization that drinking is not the end-all be all to being an adult and knowing stuff is terrific. Love that he stuck to his guns and ordered a 7 and 7. "It’s an awful drink." Hee! His "Don’t make me stop this car, kids" rant at the end is terrific. "I just found out that you guys are as dumb as me." Duh-doy indeed! Donald Glover knocks this one out of the park.

Britta and Jeff’s cool-off is nothing new, but the "Do they have the rules to poser drinking posted at the L Street Bar?"/"Too Cool to Care-tini" exchange is one of my favorites that they’ve had. Of course L Street and The Red Door are the same bar because Jeff and Britta are essentially the same person at their core. Oh, and love that Britta’s ID gets checked and the ‘Avatar’/'Hurt Locker’ fight is awesome.

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