The Hills Season 6 Episode 9 "Episode 609" Review

Another great night on The Hills. It wasn't the best episode I have seen this summer but it was definately entertaining none the less. Truthfully the storyline with Kristin running into Allie is getting pretty dry and I hope to see that blonde bimbo overly botoxed girl to remain off the show. But I guess we will have to see.

There are only 4 episodes left and I am sincerely hoping to see more of Heidi and Spencer. Over the past few weeks here they have been incognito in these episodes and at first it didn't really show but now I am dying for their return. According to many media sources, the last few episodes focus on Heidi leaving Spencer. Is it all a story for the show? Or is she finally seeing the light?

But back to tonight's episode. Finally!!! Audrina tells Ryan that she doesn't want to be together. But it was like pulling teeth from her. Maybe because it was Ryan is such a nice guy but well, it's clear Justin is still in her heart. Kristen also has a run in with Makelaeh at Smashbox, and that as well doesn't go well. Seems Makelawh is starting to stick up for herself a bit. But unfortunately she is stil very much alone.

I give tonight a 4 out of 5.


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