Desperate Housewives 7.09 "Pleasant Little Kingdom" Review

 Desperate Housewives 7.09 Pleasant Little Kingdom ReviewFirst and foremost, is anyone else kind of let down by Paul Young's 'dastardly' plan for revenge on the residents of Wisteria Lane? Well after last night'sDesperate Housewives, we were left feeling like a participant in a promising one-night stand gone wrong after the secret was dropped, leaving us with the lingering questions of "Why?", and most importantly, "Who cares?"

Paul Wants To Do What?

So Paul wants to devalue the properties of his neighbors by turning the Lane into a neighborhood of halfway houses for ex-cons. Wow.

It seems so bland and uninteresting compared to the other dangers the Lane has faced, but at the same time the plan (or ruse?) can do some major damage to the tight knit community we've come to know and love. However, the story line now moves from how will they be able to stop Paul's plan to how long will it take for them to stop Paul, which sucks some of the suspense element out of the overall story arc for us.

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