Promo - Supernatural 6.11 “Appointment in Samarra”

 Promo   Supernatural 6.11 The most recent episode of Supernatural was certainly tense, wasn't it?  Crowley is gone (nooooo!), Castiel has admitted that things aren't going so well for his side up in Heaven, Samuel is the worst grandfather in the history of families, and Sam has flat out told Dean that he's not going to getting his soul back no matter what.

Of course, Dean's not thrilled about that at all, which leads into the mid-season finale ofSupernatural airing on December 10.  Dean tracks down Death in order to help him retrieve Sam's soul.  Death agrees, but only if Dean agrees to take over his job for a day.  I'm not sure why, maybe Death needs a vacation? Tess also returns and it looks like she'll be training Dean on how to be a reaper.

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