'The Amazing Race' recap: Heart and Seoul

South Korea has the coolest flag on earth. Their movies are infinitely cooler than our movies. South Koreans excel at secretly awesome sports like speed skating and figure skating, but one of their most popular national pastimes is Starcraft. (For non-gamers: Starcraft is to Call of Duty as Chess is to Thumb War.) Also, as you might have heard, the South Koreans live just across the border from a rather irritable fellow whose hobbies include polishing his wide-rimmed glasses and desperately pursuing a nuclear arsenal. (Geopolitically speaking, Kim Jong-il is the wacky sitcom neighbor next door. Always with the kooky schemes!) In light of recent events and the current heightened state of tension between North and South Korea, I was a little bit tense when last night's episode of Amazing Race began with the teams heading straight for the demilitarized zone.

But the episode quickly turned into a leisurely stroll. (One hopes that tensions will simmer soon, because if nothing else, South Korea has the most charming cab drivers this side of Ghana.) Most of the serious drama was front-loaded to the first ten minutes. The lead three teams set off in mid-afternoon. Brook and Claire, having learned from their mistake in the Oman airport, zoomed into a hotel and asked the concierge for help getting a ticket. Smooth moveā€¦but, the only flight they could get was at 12:25 AM, which is exactly the same flight that the Doctors and Team Prince/Consort booked at the airport.

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