'The Walking Dead' recap: Zombie Life Sucks. Deal With It.

Season 1 of AMC’s The Walking Dead: Over. Did the finale leave you sated—or did it leave you [insert your own zombie-hunger metaphor here]? Our "Totally Walking Dead" recappers Dan Snierson and Jeff Jensen go long this week to summarize "TS-19" and offer some overall thoughts about The Walking Dead’s sensational first season.

DAN: Here is my first thought: I need a hug. The finale entertained, yes, but also left us a little shell-shocked and bummed out for our survivors. We knew the situation was bleak, but damn, the show all but told us to take any hopes for a yay-we-found-a-cure-to-the-zombie-virus! ending and stick them where the hot Atlanta sun don’t shine. And yet as Dylan’s "Tomorrow is a Long Time" resonated over images of Rick & Co. U-turning into the great unknown, we got the sense that as long as they were alive, at least there was a chance of a tomorrow. But is that a good thing? (Remember that farewell. Rick: "I'm grateful." Jenner: "The day will come when you won't be.") All these guys can do is ignore the big, ugly picture and focus on the task at hand -- which might include slicing off a zombie's head and running like hell. This is as optimistic as it gets in the Year Zombie.

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Dec 1, 2012 4:55AM EST

I am beginning to not like rick and am on shanes side when he said they should have not gone to the CDC and now they have lost Jacki and Jim for what no real answers. What did Dr. Jenner whisper in ricks ear will it be seen in season 2

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