The Sopranos Season 4 Episode 1 "For All Debts Private and Public" Review

This was a great season opener of The Sopranos and it brought in a lot of action and great storylines. The episode focused a lot on Juniors trial and Christopher finding out who killed his father. There weren't a lot of suspenseful moments but you can't expect that from the first season episode.

This show does a great job of bringing about a cat and mouse game with the FBIs and the Mafia. It is never ending the pursuit and it is entertaining to watch the Soprano Family always on their toes. And it seems like Anthony is the one that is always having to deal with all the mishaps.

I liked the storyline with Christopher and you can not help but sort of root for him in avenging his father's death since this show isn't reality but fiction. There is the question however on whether or not the cop really did kill his father. It will also be interesting to see whether or not we will see Junior's trial in upcoming epsiodes. I hope so.


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