'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Fishing for Trouble

We knew we were in for a bit of a strange trip as soon as we heard Cristina and Derek would be going fishing together. For starters, since when is anyone off when the rest of the main characters are working? There was also the matter of Cristina going fishing. "There are no bathrooms out there, you know," Meredith told her at the door. "I know," Cristina answered, infusing the exchange with infinite meaning.

From there, it was an hour full of weird-but-mostly-cool character pairings, like Cristina and Derek, whose bond this season has grown into its own — and slightly far-fetched, but still (mostly) satisfying — leaps. Take, for instance, the Callie-Mark shower scene, the quintessential weird-but-cool couple-who-isn’t-a-couple on this show. Their banter while showering together post-sex — complete with her quite unsexily brushing her teeth — was among my favorite exchanges ever on this show. "It just makes me miss Arizona," Callie said of sleeping with him. "Sex with you just makes me sad." He countered: "Last night when we were doing it, I was thinking about Lexie." Her response: "Okay, now that’s just rude." From anyone else, I wouldn’t buy this bisexual woman/hetero guy best friendship-with-benefits-but-nothing-more. From them, it’s as easy as spitting toothpaste down the drain in the shower.

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