'The Office' recap: The China Syndrome

Could The Office be The Office in a different office? That was just one of the questions posed in "China," which also wondered what would happen if Michael suddenly out-smarted Oscar, whether Koreans or whites ran better salons and dry cleaners, and how Dwight would cope with suddenly growing half a heart. Questions, you guys! Questions.

We opened with Dwight attempting to monkeygrab a pencil -- that's a term I have to credit to My Name Is Earl -- which is basically my nightmare. Contact with other people's feet bothers me the way contact with someone else's vomit might bother other people: I just...can't take it. So this scene caused me great distress (my notes here: "nononononononooooooo"), but even through my anguish I can admit that Dwight trying to toe-drink the coffee was a hilarious gag. Speaking of gagging, the foot-high five traumatized me and I don't know if I'll ever recover.

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