PSYCH: "Dual Spires" Review

As soon as PSYCH announced they were going to do a show inspired by Twin Peaks, the early 90's cult television show co-created by David Lynch, the episode couldn't arrive fast enough. When I heard that the episode would have cameos from Twin Peaks stars, such as Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise and Sherilyn Fenn, I was even more excited. So it's almost impossible for me to impartially judge this episode because even if the mystery didn't work or the script was thin on jokes, it wouldn't matter because I was already hooked months ago.

Luckily, the episode was enjoyable enough on its own merits that I don't have to apologize for gushing over every single subtle nod to Twin Peaks. There are plenty of shows on television (PSYCH included) that make references to other popular shows, but very few have the flexibility to completely change their look and feel for one episode. And that's why I think this episode was such an accomplishment. It managed to stick to the PSYCH mythology by having Shawn, Gus, Juliet and Lassiter act as they normally would while investigating the murder of a teenaged girl, Paula Merral (an anagram of Laura Palmer). However, outside of that small window, everything else was an homage to Twin Peaks, even the popular PSYCH tradition of having Shawn saddle Gus with a goofy nickname - in this case, "Lodge Blackman", a play on the mysterious Black Lodge that cropped up in the series every so often.

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