The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 6 "Week 6"

Ok so you can not help but be a little frustrated in this episode...I dont know of the viewers out there if you saw the last Bachelorette with Jillian, and how her fiance that she chose off the show took off for work but then came back. Well tonight it looks like we officially have ourselves a copy cat named Allie aka Allie Cat.

She put on this emotional show on how she loves him and decides to chose her work over him. ITS A PLOY PEOPLE!!!

I am sorry but it wasn't surprising to see next weeks episode where she calls because she made a mistake! She wants to be the girl at the end so bad she went to this extreme. There may be some people out there that think she didnt do this intentionally. But I will have to disagree.

I would like to say I have decided to X this show off my viewing list and ban it for life because of this staged type stuff but who am I kidding. I will probably be tuning in next week. Drama keeps viewers.


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