Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 14 "2 Chef's Selected" Review

After last week's celebration with none of the remaining four competing Chef's being sent home, tonight was definitely a different story. It was pretty clear that Jay has been a front runner in this competition and he almost won the opening challenge tonight but failed to duplicate the main entree's meet that they were asked to replicate. He was, however, the only one that got the puree. In the end Holli won the challenge.

We almost had three Chef's competing tonight at dinner service as Ben complained of severe back pain and needed to seek medical attention. Apparently lifting mattresses was too much of a punishment for him. He even resorted to bad talking Holli that she didn't deserve to win while she was out on a yaht with her son and her son's father. He told the other three contestants that he was out of the competition then at the last minute he shows up. Was it even worth it?

The four chef's got to each try and run the kitchen tonight which helped Ramsay make his elimination decision tonight. Autumn was the first to leave Hell's Kitchen tonight and the second? Well Benjamin. So it looks like the cozy two have made it to the end, male vs female. Personally I think this one is a complete given. Jay is by far a better Chef. But I guess you never know.

Since no one went home last week, Chef decided to eliminate not one but two Chef's tonight. Making next week the finale.


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