'Gossip Girl' recap: Silly Lily, tricks are for kids

We've always known that Lily van der Woodsen was a rather decrepit human being -- that's if you'll let me get away with using the termhuman being for a person who only recently proved the muscles in her face were capable of expressing something other than snobbery. But this week, Tin Mom really outdid herself in the huge-bitch department, causing everyone -- including her spawn and her little dog Rufus -- to turn against her. 'Bout time, I say.

What I didn't anticipate, though, was Serena's mom taking the brunt of the blame, and Juliet and her under-eye circles getting off scot-free. Half a season was spent building up Juliet as the villain, and she leaves without even a slap on the wrist -- or in the face? I cry foul. My lone hope now is that she picked up some form of mouth herpes from Nate that will flare up every time she tries to scheme outside her income bracket. But I've gotten ahead of myself. Let's back up and recap our path to this injustice.

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