HAWAII FIVE-0 “Palekaiko” Review

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 11 - Palekaiko

I think all fledgling tv shows out there should take lessons on how to conduct their first season from this series. Want to know how NOT to create a story arc that doesn’t go anywhere and feels like it’s being dropped into episodes without any thought to making sense (*cough*Blue Bloods Blue Templar storyline *cough*)? Then watch how Hawaii Five-0 subtly puts in clues about the death of McGarrett’s father, using existing characters (Chin) to further the plot along AND add more to it (McGarrett’s mother may have been murdered? Gasp!).

Want to know how to keep building the relationship between your two main characters? Just watch the scene in this episode where McGarrett and Danny each share stories about the effects of telling families of the loss of a loved one. Danny from the side of being a cop and McGarrett from the side of being the one getting the bad news, and then becoming a cop himself and understanding how hard it is on both sides. Want to make sure it doesn’t get maudlin too fast or make your big, strong, manly characters too weak by showing so much emotion? Well then be sure to end the deep and meaningful discussion with a hilarious argument about what song is on the radio.

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