CHASE “Betrayed” Review

Chase Season 1 Episode 11 - Betrayed

A show about chasing down criminals is built to be exciting but this episode had excitement in spades. There was just something about Annie and Luke being right there when the escape went down and on the guy’s tail pretty much from the moment it all started. Saying that I was on the edge of my seat is a cliché and, well, frankly it’s uncomfortable, but I was definitely leaning forward on my couch the whole time I watched this episode.

I also liked that they didn’t go with the overused formula of having Jimmy’s girlfriend being too much in the action. If she’d been the one with a gun to her head, I would’ve been very disappointed. The fact that she was just there doing her job and not being overly dramatic, was a great way to introduce her to us. I also like that Annie and the rest of the team seem to know Natalie already and that all of them hang out.

Luke wondering about his place on the team before all hell broke loose was a good way for him to see what he does do for the team. What I liked most about that was the fact that Annie didn’t ceremoniously give him the coin in the end, but made him demand it from her.

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