Gossip Girl 4.11 "The Townie" Review

 Gossip Girl 4.11 The Townie Review

Watching last night's Gossip Girl was the equivalent of snorting the finest Colombian cocaine while on a drunken binge. I've personally never experienced something that wild, but I am pretty sure that "The Townie" is up there in contention for the most ultimate high.

After whining all season long about minions and social status, Gossip Girl slapped me with a "Now what, bitch?" answer after delivering the best episode of the season. Every time you thought you knew what was going to happen, the rug was pulled from under you, followed by the floor and the foundation. It was just that good. Let's look at the pros of this episode, because there was a lot.

The rundown: Serena left the UES after her tryst with Nate behind Blair's back and ended up in a college town, which was the home of her boarding school. While there Serena spurned a then nerdish Damian for her professor, who turned out to be Ben Donovan, Juliet's brother. While Ben wasn't into a physical/intimate relationship with Serena due to his role as professor, Damian noticed the two at a hotel and spread the rumors about them. Lily caught whiff of these rumors and filed a complaint against Ben, which resulted in the guy being put in jail. Wow.

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