'How I Met Your Mother' Season 6, Episode 11 Recap

Kyle MacLachlan and Josh Radnor in 'How I Met Your Mother' - 'The Mermaid Theory'What a strange, strange episode this was. It kind of felt like Bays, Thomas and the writers had three stories on their board and wanted to put them in an episode before the season ended. So they threw them all together and tried to make them seem intertwined. But all it felt like was watching a rough cut of an 'HIMYM' episode that still needed some tweaking.The first indication of the oddity? Old Ted's narrationsounded like it was being done by Bob Saget. But then you gave it another listen and it just... didn't. It sounded more like a Saget sound-alike rather than the man himself. Sometimes Carter Bays fills in narration on the rough-cut episodes I've seen, and it kind of sounded like that tonight, only with more of an attempt to sound like Saget.

Then we have the story of the argument between Lily and Barney. Sure, it's always good to get a meta joke every once in a while to remind the audience that this story is being told through the lens of Old Ted's fading memories, but here, the fits and starts Old Ted made telling the story weren't at all entertaining. In fact, they felt more like placeholders that just set things up for the eventful flash-forward we got near the end of the episode.

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