Sopranos Season 2 Episode 13 "Funhouse"

This finale of Sopranos has to be the best or close to the best episode so far in this series. The drama and the excitment in this episode was so extreme you didn't dare pause the episode for a second. It was an edge of your seat episode that left you wondering just what is going to happen next.

There was a sad part to this finale, however, and that was saying good-bye to Pussy. After turning to the government and wearing a wire, he was murdered by his fellow friends in the Mob. There was also a good side to this episode and that was Meadow graduating from highschool.

This show is unbelievable and I can not wait to start into season three and so forth. The suspense and the drama has you wanting and craving more. And for a drama series that started in the 90's, it makes you realize how much some tv series today are lacking.


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