Sundays with Seth: 'Cleveland Show' and 'American Dad' Recaps (VIDEO)

'The Cleveland Show' - 'Murray Christmas'

For the second week in a row, 'Family Guy' took a break from the Seth MacFarlane line-up. Instead, we got a double-shot of'The Cleveland Show' so 'Family Guy' can air its hour-long Christmas episode next week. But, as we got surprise guest appearances from the cast of 'Family Guy' in both 'Cleveland' and 'Dad' this week, so it almost felt like they were right here where they belong.

Because it's been bumped from next week's holiday Seth-travaganza, 'Cleveland' had to air its holiday-themed episode tonight. It had a rather sweet message about love and family, so MacFarlane had to hurry up and get it out of the way so he could move on to more serious fare like the roles of men and women in the household, the importance of our justice system, and the tragedy surrounding the condition known as HLS.

This, friends, is why the legalization of marijuana is so important. As we saw with poor, sick Jeff, if he's not in a perpetual state of "cool, man!" then he is in a perpetual state of self-pleasure. Hyperactive Libido Syndrome is real, and it strikes every healthy male who walks this planet, and probably most of the females as well! The only solution is to live in a cloud of pot smoke at all times. It's all-natural!

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