One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 14 "Family Affair"

Haha what an entertaining dinner night at the Scott residence. Last episode we as viewers were left hanging over what was going to happen now that Quinn's ex showed up at Nathan and Hailey's house with a new girlfriend, their sister Taylor (the one Nathan lost his virginity too). I am surprised however in this episode that Quinn took it as well as she did.

You can't help hate Taylor though, she has been far from a likeable character in previous episodes but this episode tonight topped the cake. She is ruthless and I wish I could have punched her through the tv screen.

Finally! A break through for Jullian and Brooke. Many viewers I can imagine are rooting for the two and it looks like they are back on track now that she is his new costume designer.

Marvin is back!! And it looks like him and Millie are going to take another shot at it! Its good to see she is finally clearing up her act. The bad ass Millie wasn't so fun to watch.


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