'Grey's Anatomy' Season 7, Episode 10 Recap (VIDEO)

Cristina attempts fishing.In an episode that just happened to have Christmas music playing in the background, Derek took Cristina fishing, Meredith and Owen argued, Bailey was still on a search for a solution to fistulas, Callie gained a backbone, and Teddy was given a re-hashed storyline. 

This episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' really had nothing to do with Christmas, except for the occasional decor in the hospital. Instead, this episode chugged along with several of the plotlines we've been following this season, without any resolutions in sight.

It was interesting seeing Jamie Chung ('Dragonball Evolution') as one of the patients this week, because I still remember her from when she was on 'The Real World: San Diego.' I know that her part was small and a bit forgettable, but she did show some decent acting chops, so maybe she'll prove more interesting in 'The Hangover Part II.'

The most enjoyable part of the episode was the interaction between Derek and Cristina on their fishing trip. Not enough time was spent on the whole sequence of events. Sandra Oh really put her acting chops out there when she went from the comedic (well-informed via the internet) to the emotional (the tears as she held her prize fish). It's a bit odd thinking that the Derek/Meredith relationship revolves around Cristina and even in the bedroom all they talk about is Cristina.

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