'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 8 Recap (VIDEO)

'Fringe' - 'Entrada'This week, we were treated to a blue and red interchanging intro segment. That means we're finally done with this one episode "Over Here," one episode "Over There" nonsense. Plus, as promised, we got the resolution to the great Olivia switch storyline that's been running all season.As a continuation of the overall story, 'Entrada' was a great chapter. As the culmination of a multi-episode struggle for Olivia to find her way home, while Fauxlivia exacts her mission in "our" world, it was a bit disappointing. Maybe they're saving all the fireworks for the aftermath next week.It's not that it wasn't a satisfying episode in a lot of ways, because there were some great, genuine character moments. Walter even coined a new word I simply have to figure out how to work into a conversation. But, with all this build-up, I was expecting a nigh-epic explosion of confrontations on both sides of the veil between universes.

Instead, we got a series of small victories that ultimately led to the return of Olivia to our universe, and Fauxlivia to hers. By the end of the episode, that was the sum total of what had been accomplished, but that is a pretty big thing. It's a shame, too, that after Peter cleverly deduced that Fauxlivia's "hostage" was really the shapeshifter man she'd been seen with moments before, she wound up vanishing anyway.

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