Kate Bosworth on Scandal, What It's Like to Be a Star in Korea (VIDEO)

Kate Bosworth on Scandal, What It's Like to Be a Star in Korea

Being a celebrity in Korea is different to being a celebrity in America. For example, Korean audiences actually think that scandals are a bad thing. Actress Kate Bosworth showed up on 'Chelsea Lately' (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!), where she discussed this interesting factoid.

Kate is working with one of Korea's biggest stars -- Jang Dong-gun, "the Korean Brad Pitt." They're appearing together in the new film 'The Warrior's Way.' By the way, this movie looks fairly awesome. (Unless you take a strong stance against "Cowboys vs. Ninjas"-related films, which we personally don't.)

Chelsea Handler had Kate repeat her co-star's name several times. "Dong-gun," Kate said. "What is his name?" "Dong-gun." (Okay, we get it, Chelsea). The pair then talked about the nature of stardom in Korea. Apparently, the smallest hint of scandal means that your career there is "done." Chelsea was excited. "We could ship a whole bunch of people over there!"

The host's eyes glittered at the thought, as she clearly visualized the many, many stars -- Kardashians, etc. -- whose careers could be ended by shipping them to the Far East.

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