'The Office' Season 7, Episode 10 Recap

Oscar Nunez of 'The Office'Ever finish watching an episode of one of your favorite shows and just shrug your shoulders and say "eh"? That's how I felt this week. It wasn't really objectionable, and there were some good moments, but there really wasn't much that would make me look back and think that this episode was special or memorable in any way.This is actually an improvement on what I was thinking of the episode in its first few minutes. Knowing that the promos NBC had been airing all week looked like it pretty much laid out the weekly non sequitur cold open scene for scene, I wasn't holding out much hope for the episode. If NBC wasn't talking about it, then it had to be a bad sign. Then Michael comes into the office, spewing on and on about how he's just learned that China is an economic powerhouse that must be stopped, and I was ready for an eye-roller on the scale of last year's 'Mafia' debacle.

Then the focus turned, and the episode got better, rising in stature from "ecch" to "eh." It doesn't sound like much, but in that context, it's quite an achievement.

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