'30 Rock' Season 5, Episode 9 Recap

30 Rock"You gave his life meaning. His sacrifice made you what you are today, which is ... the lowest level employee at the last place network in America!" - Jack, to Kenneth, about eating his pet pig

This was one of those '30 Rock' episodes that seemed to take place in a surreal dream world. A lot of episodes have a bizarre plot element -- usually involving Tracy in some bizarre scheme or Kenneth being, well, Kenneth -- but this was filled to the brim with craziness and flashbacks and bad childhood memories and characters breaking down and crying or freaking out.

Actually, it was too weird.

Everything about the episode -- from little moments like Jenna and Paul "mirroring" each other while putting makeup on to Liz's talk with Godzilla at the end -- made this feel like a very different kind of episode. And that wasn't always a good thing. It's fine to have a couple of characters who are off the wall or strange -- again, Tracy and Kenneth often take this role -- but when you make all of the characters wacky, there's no contrast, no normal character to ground the proceedings.

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