Hawaii Five-0 1.11 “Palekaiko” Review

 Hawaii Five 0 1.11 In my last review of Hawaii Five-0, I made a point to say that I think the show works best when it fully takes advantage of Hawaii as a location. Last night’s episode (‘Palekaiko’) did actually go some way towards doing that, but it was ultimately one of the most successful episodes so far because of the manner in which it provided real action and fast-paced drama. This offering gave us such a compelling story that I highly doubt any Five-0 fans could possibly have been disappointed.

For starters, the opening scene (complete with the hunting of a wild boar and a mysterious amnesiac woman appearing from the jungle) just massively appealed to my inner Lost fan. From there onwards, I was fully engaged in this episode’s story. It may have started out with a possible abduction case, but from there we get theories of a gold-digging wife and an untrustworthy PI before we reach the eventual realization that a serial killer is targeting honeymooning couples. I can’t say I was too surprised by this reveal but it was still executed very well. Not only was the killer, Bradford Matinsky, incredibly creepy, he was also convincing enough to be seen as a realistic threat (plus, as someone who loves Dexter, I really do find serial killers to be interesting characters on TV). On a standalone plot level, this was one of Five-0’sbest yet.

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