CRIMINAL MINDS “What Happens At Home” Review

Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 10 - What Happens at Home ...

The episode will mainly be remembered because of Agent Ashley Seaver (Rachel Nichols), the AJ Cook look-a-like and replacement. She is a super duper eager and earnest cadet agent who Rossi and Hotchner bring in as a consultant to offer a unique perspective on the case (her father was a serial killer, so they’re hoping she’ll have some insight into the dynamics of the family).

I had decided ever since AJ Cook had left (and she was given a pretty swell if infuriatingly unnecessary exit) that I would try to keep an open mind about the character who would replace JJ. It is certainly a tough role to fill, not in the least because of the fan outrage over Cook’s departure.

It was an interesting premise and her background was definately unique. Unfortunately the plot totally jumped the shark at times: Prentiss would never have left with the creepy security guard on her own. Did Agent Seaver really feel it was necessary to apologise to the family (the one she picked happened to be a serial killer)? Why was the serial killer so calm when confronting her? And couldn’t Hotchner and Rossi have warned the rest of the team about Agent Seaver’s past so we didn’t get the second of about four hundred (I might be exaggerating) exposition scenes, three seconds after the first? Less is more, and the less she mentioned her father the serial killer, the more impact it might have had.

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