ACCUSED (BBC) “Liam’s Story” Review

Accused Season 1 Episode 4 - Liam’s Story

This week’s ACCUSED is a bored taxi driver with a gambling problem standing trial for murder after developing a dangerous obsession with a young woman.

Liam is a rather sad and pathetic character with a crippling habit who substitutes one addiction for another.

After another bad hand at cards empties his wallet a broke Liam answers a call to take Emma to the airport on a business trip. Desperate to give his daughter a present for passing an exam Liam goes back to her empty house to steal a piece of jewelery.

Wandering around the house he is struck by the photos and mementos that give a snapshot into the life of this attractive, popular, vibrant young woman.

He leaves with a necklace and a USB with personal photos and intimate emails. What follows is a story of a developing obsession as armed with a catalogue of information such as favourite films and music he molds himself into the man he thinks she needs.

The pace of Liam’s Story was at times slow and seemingly predictable. Driven by his obsession and desperation to be with Emma he kills her…or his terminally ill wife to free himself from an unhappy marriage. Time spent with his fling shot in bright light which streams though the window as they lay in bed together while life at home was represented as dark and depressing. Liam’s Story however took an unexpected turn as when confronted by Emma’s old fling, who could reveal his secret family, Liam mows him down with his taxi, leaving him lying dead in the road.

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