BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Christmas Crap” Review

Better With You Season 1 Episode 10 - Better With Christmas Crap

It’s Christmas and what would the holidays be without a family disagreeing on something? In this case, it’s about where everyone should spend their Christmas, and no one except mom and dad want to go back to the lake house where they’ve gone every other year. Mia’s tired of being the Christmas Gnome, Maddie doesn’t understand why no one likes to follow her minute by minute schedule of the entire trip and Ben has a phobia about being locked outside in the snow.. again.

I loved how Mia decided to use the baby as an excuse and told her parents that she’s not allowed to travel. Then Maddie follows suit and soon the entire family is supposedly going off in different directions. That is, right up until the moment they all bump into each other in the airport.

The makeshift Christmas they had under the airport tree with crap they bought at the gift shop was sweet, but the best part was when Mia suggested they go on ahead up to the lake house and everyone said "naaah" and went off on their separate trips. Not exactly the ending you’d expect from a sitcom and it cracked me up.

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