HUMAN TARGET “The Return of Baptiste” Review

Human Target Season 2 Episode 4 - The Return of Baptiste

When a friend of Ilsa’s is kidnapped, Chance can think of only one person who can help who also happens to fit the following description – he’s a professional killer Chance neither likes or trusts, who’s currently rotting in a Siberian prison and both Winston and Guerrero think Chance is nuts for even thinking about asking for his help. Who is it? Why it’s Baptiste of course.

Chance and Baptiste have a lot of issues to work out and there’s nothing quite like a good fist fight, a ride stuffed in a trunk and digging your own graves to give you the chance to do it. I love watching the two of them sort through their sibling rivalry, especially when it turns out that the Old Man turned Baptiste loose after the last time he and Chance met.

It was no real surprise that Baptiste was asked to prove loyalty to a new prospective boss by killing Chance, nor was it a surprise when he didn’t go through with it. No matter how much Chance denies it, I think they both do still care about each other.

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