TOWER PREP “Field Trip” Review

It’s time for the freshman field trip at TOWER PREP. The annual event sends new students out into the forest to study the "unique" flora and fauna of the school and its environs. Ian and his friends see this as the perfect opportunity, if not

to escape, to at least get a better idea of where they are and lay out an escape plan. The night before the outing they settle their scheme, one member of the group will do the assignment, the other work on the escape, easy as that. Until the next morning…

Tower Prep Season 1 Episode 8 -  Field Trip

Things never go right for the gang, and the headmaster throws them a curveball when he shows up and assigns them partners for the assignment, pairing them with students they generally dislike, or in Ian’s case, openly dislike. Off the teams go into the woods and one by one, Ian’s friends are picked off by natural hazards of the forest.

Once again the writers have embarked on a very stock plot. The secondary story, the "legend" of a student disappearing in the woods taken by a mythical monster Red Fang that stalks the Tower Prep forest, falls out of the stock plot pot as well. But the story is very well handled and I was sucked into the adventure as soon as they were out of the building and into the trees.

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