THE MIDDLE “A Simple Christmas” Review

 The Middle Season 2 Episode 10 - A Simple Christmas

Frankie channels her inner Clark Griswold when her parents visit for twelve (!) days in the "A Simple Christmas" episode of THE MIDDLE.

"Nobody’s fun for twelve days." Amen. Not even Marsha Mason and Jerry Van Dyke would be fun for that long, though they absolutely are on the show. Poor Mike– having Tag tag along like that with non-stop yapping would be brutal. No wonder "on the eighth day he hid." Did anyone else think Mike was going to hit Tag with the car? Was there ever any doubt, though, that Mike would save Frankie’s Christmas by doing the skit? Awww.
I love the family meeting. Mike and Frankie are heartfelt in their talk about wanting a simple Christmas and just like in a Peanuts special, the kids hear "Wah wah wah no presents wah wah." I think I remember my parents having that same talk with my sister and me once or twice and we heard the same thing. "A simple Christmas is just a lame idea. Did you read it in an article or something?" Hee. Gotta love grandmas.

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