MODERN FAMILY “Dance Dance Revelation” Review

Modern Family Season 2 Episode 10 - Dance Dance Revelation

Claire and Gloria face off as co-chairs of the school dance committee while Jay and Phil take Manny and Luke to the mall in the "Dance Dance Revelation" episode of MODERN FAMILY. Meanwhile, Lily’s biting causes some friction (and pain) for Cam and Mitchell.

More Phil and Jay, please. The mall security room scene is so perfect for them: Phil fixates on the fact he and Claire named Luke after someone who wasn’t as nice as he seemed while Jay just wants to kinda sorta apologize and get out of there. "I don’t like to take guff."/"Or people’s feelings into consideration." Leading up to that, Phil wants Jay to say his name right. "Dunphy"/"Dumphy," and he lets everything else build up, so is it any wonder he has a hilariously classic meltdown with the Oasis cologne guy? "Oasis for *spray* men *spray* men *spray* men." There have been many terrific Phil moments, but this one is at the top of my list. The salesman’s shriek only makes it sweeter, and if course he’s Cam and Mitchell’s friend! It’s the little things that make me happiest.

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